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"I Love You", what does it mean when a guy says it first?

I (23) had met someone via a dating app, not tinder, (22) and had only been talking to him for a week or so before our first date. The date was only supposed to be for coffee, he was shaking like a leaf with nerves so I broke the touch barrier first to try and calm him, not that I was fairing much better, but when I'm nervous I don't shut up, but coffee turned into lunch, and lunch turned into a walk in one of the local parks, on a side note that is my ideal date that I didn't even tell him about, and from there things got physical, all in all the date that was only supposed to be 2hrs lasted 10. I figured I wouldn't hear from him again because of us having sex, but I was pleasantly surprised when he kept texting me. The next day he came up to my work and drove me home, once again sex followed, and in the middle of the deed he told me he wanted to hear me say three words, I must have had the most confused look on my face because the next thing I know he's kissing me passionately before pulling away and saying "I Love You". The fear and what I'm assuming was either serenity or lust in his eyes are still fresh in my mind, but I lifted myself to him, kissed him hard and said it right back. Since then he's held me close, finding any excuse to touch my person, kiss me and/or pull me towards him and hold me close. He randomly says those three words too. I have considered that it was the heat of the moment, but his continued assurances in both actions and words makes me want to believe him. Although I feel that amazing feeling that accompanies the beginning of the relationship, and I want to believe it, I can't help but feel wary since the relationship is still so new. It feels and sounds genuine and so easy... So, Gentlemen, what does it mean when he says "I Love You" first? Let alone so early... Do his actions reflect it?
"I Love You", what does it mean when a guy says it first?
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