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We had sex but has a boyfriend, I am confused what does she wants actually? Sex or marriage?

she was unhappy in her relationship, always cried after sex, i told her that there is no furure and she was oki with that, after shared sex, she started giving me hints that she is in love with me & imotionally attached, she cries everytime when i ssk to quit, she started bitching about her boyfriend that he was not so mature and he is very over possessive, she showed me her screen shot where her boyfriend asked “you are talking to me formally like just friend” even he saw my texts from her phone where we had shared our pas meeting“ still he was oki and she was truly unhappy but never broke up with him, boyfriend common friend told me they never shared a bed , just had a kiss once, she started fading herself because she feel she is being used for sex, we talked less like once in a week or month, she did wanna meet me for sex, she was crying to not reply me on time, its been 7 months some of our common friend told me that both were not in touch in a good way she was about to marry him, but she doesn't wanna marry that person, i called her and asking about why is not she not marrying , she cried a lot on call and told me i am really sorry , continuesly cried, then we decided to meet, we have spent 3 hours she told me she is not cancelling her marriage but for some reason delaying it, she told me her parents are looking for better option for arrange, she cancelled three person, but she is still in touch with her boyfriend , she said” at least i know him “ , she hugged me tightly n kissed on my cheeks , she told me after sex she was attached emotionally and couldnt find the way, she suggested me to meet her elder sister so that she will help us , i told her we can consider for our futuer if she wants, she was very happy and could not believe i am saying this, she told me that "u are still not looking serious, after two day she told me she just want to be my friend and told me that she can meet me any time i want like a friend, i know she loves me
What does she want actually
We had sex but has a boyfriend, I am confused what does she wants actually? Sex or marriage?
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