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What is he thinking/ trying to accomplish?

So my ex is 39 years old. We broke up awhile back and yet he refuses to move on. I keep blocking him and yet he keeps finding a way to message me.

He got my email off his work computer (he works at Petsmart) and has been bugging me on there for a couple weeks now.

So he has literally been begging me to take him back, how he wants to settle down, have a family the whole nine yards. He literally even promises me his school ring until he can afford an engagement ring. So not even 30 minutes later after saying that he sends me a pic of his co worker, who is 22, and says that they have been talking for awhile and he is totally into her. He also adds her whole name and tells me not to look her up and ruin his chances.

What the F is wrong with this guy? What is he trying to accomplish? Why can’t he just leave me alone if he has someone else? He is literally proving my point for me that he isn’t serious about anything he says
What is he thinking/ trying to accomplish?
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