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Guys, Am I getting a second date?

Met this guy on a dating app. We were supposed to go to a place but couldn’t get in because we didn’t have a blazer on so we joked about winging it and decided on going to a different area of town. We got two drinks at one bar, then went to a different bar, then another and then he asked if I wanted to get a nightcap with him closer to his apartment. I said yes, we ended up going back to his house for one drink before I headed home (did not have sex with him) he walked me to my car, made out a little before telling me to text me when I was home safe. I did and said I had a really good time to which he said hopefully we’ll get back to that bar sooner rather than later.

throughout the date he was being very gentlemany, holding open doors, walking on the outside of sidewalks, touching my lower back in the noisy bar to ask what I wanted to drink. Had a good conversation the whole time and he kept referencing different places for the future. We went out Friday night it’s now Monday afternoon and he hasn’t asked me on another date, help!
Guys, Am I getting a second date?
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