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How do I keep him interested while we are on a “distance caused break”?

He and I had an affair 5 years ago. It was amazing, but both of us were going to go abroad for our studies For more than one year so we didn’t see it as something with a possibility to grow. We kept in touch as friends, in the meanwhile both of us got in a relationship with someone while abroad.

We moved back but we both still
were in a relationship.

During the past year, after I broke up with my ex, we started chatting more and more, than he broke up with his ex and we started seeing each other again. It was amazing like the first time, we both had missed each other a lot and we get on amazingly well.

Things had been going on for a bit more than a month and were going well but he had to go abroad again, where his family lives, for 3 months, to work for his family’s business. Neither of us will have the possibility to fly out and see each other during these 3 months so I proposed we suspend things and if when he comes back both are still single, we continue dating. Initially he didn’t want to suspend things but than he agreed it was a good solution. I proposed that because of a very bad past experience with long distance (got cheated on the whole time). The problem is that I really like him and I would like to keep him interested.

How do I keep him interested while we are on a “distance caused break”?
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