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Does a guy deserve a second chance if he apologizes to you?

I messed up by sleeping with this guy too early, and we had a conversation about it. He basically told me that I shouldn’t beat myself up, having sex early doesn’t make him think less of me, and that he wants me to for me. However, ever since we had the conversation (two days ago) he hasn’t been texting me like we used to. He hasn’t sent me any “good morning/night” texts, any “hey” texts, etc. The only thing he has texted me was asking me if I’d want to meet up again. So I told him that I didn’t think we should meet up again because I feel like he and I can’t “start over” if we’ve already had sex. To be honest, I don’t know if I like him yet. Our first date, we went to the movies, then had dinner, and our 2nd date, I went to his place and watched movies. But do those count as “real dates” or just hookups? Anyway, a week later, he texted me, “I’ve been thinking, I feel like I might’ve pressured you into having sex when you didn’t want to, and I know you weren’t looking for that, and I’m sorry.” Do you think he’s worth a second chance? Do you think he’s being genuine, or do you think he’s only apologizing so he can get more sex?
Does a guy deserve a second chance if he apologizes to you?
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