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How would you end this next date?

Been on 4 dates with a girl from Bumble & we (IMO) hit it off absolutely great. Kiss on the second date. 4th date she invites me over for a movie, but sets ground rules & clearly states she's not a "Netflix & Chill" kind of girl. We watch a movie with a few drinks, I go to leave, we make plans for the weekend & have the longest kiss yet. She texts me when I get home to make sure I made it safely. I tell her thank you & I will see her this weekend. She replies with "already can't wait (big red heart emoji)."

Friday at noon she says..."So glad your day went well yesterday & glad you made it back safe!" THEN...
"So I have to tell you that I'm just not ready to date, I don't think I told you, but I got out of a serious relationship a few months ago & I thought I was ready, but my heart is just not in the right spot yet. I hope you understand (red head emoji) I respond kindly & respectfully & ask if she just truly needs time or if its because her previous relationship may not be over yet?

She says, "Thank you for being so respectfull, My relationship ended suddenly & horribly & is defintitely over, its definitely not you, I just need time to heal.
the next day I called in the afternoon, left her a voicemail just saying I would like to talk to her in convo. No call back that evening, so I text her say that I apologized for calling & understand she needs space. I told her she wouldn't be hearing from me & basically said goodbye.

Next evening she texts me saying not to apologize & that the reason she wasn't responding was because she came down with strep all weekend & was staying at her parents house. She said she didn't listen to my VM yet, but that she could call in a bit.

So she calls and we have a great 20 min. convo about how she just needs to take it slow, but wants to keep seeing and getting to know each other. So how would you leave the next date? Should I still kiss her or just go for a friendly hug and wait to see what she does?
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Well our next date went well, but she ended it with a hug and nothing else, which I more than expected. We had a good time and talked about future plans and both went into a little more depth about our careers and willingness to move someday if things progressed more seriously, which is a good thing I guess. This is just going to to be a hard process waiting on the timing to be right :/
How would you end this next date?
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