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Why do Women do this?

So I am talking to this woman, and we are asking each other different relationship questions. She also text back something to one of my answers, and ask "what's up?", and no answer. So it gets to the point where she ask me if I am ready for a long term relationship which I answer (she also expects me to answer). Then when I flip the question back to her, same thing as before no answer. So I wait a little bit then I ask both questions again, the first one in regards to clarify her prior statement to one of my answers, and then the second being is she ready for a longterm relationship (and why). Still no answers, and I have no idea why women do this. It is like they expect you to answer their questions and will chase you down to the end of the earth to answer those questions. Yet, when you turn the questions back on them it's like um I am not answering that and will never answer it. It is very infuriating that this is going on. Just looking for why women do this.
Why do Women do this?
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