Should I wait to call or text this girl?

So there is this girl I really like and I was pretty sure she liked me too but now am very confused.

I first went on a date with this girl on Valentines, nothing big just coffee to get to know each other. We then went to see a movie on Friday. She text me that night thanking me and saying she had a great night.

I text her the next day (Saturday) but didn't get a reply... even till now? I'm confused?

she also told me to add her on facebook on Friday which I did and I read what she wrote about me on her "wall" about our first date (how she thought I was really cute) and how she was excited about our second date.

Was she just being polite that night texting me? and is she blowing me off? Also, she is a very very shy girl...

So I text her on sat and its Monday now... is it too early to text again? and what should I text her? I'm not used to chasing girls that play hard to get... I actually hate it and I'm used to girls chasing me... so I don't know how to approach this...


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  • Have you talked to her now that it's been a few days? Just say something like I had a lot of fun with you. Would you like to do something on Friday (or whatever day)? If she was talking about it on facebook for her friends and everyone else to see, then I would say she may have some motives. Especially if she is she and did that. Shy people are normally hudsh-hush about everything so I think you may be in good standing.


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  • If you really interested, text her: Hey you! did you get my last message?

    she will probably reply something.

    I don't know about this girl, but I OFTEN don't know where I left my phone



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  • If she's shy that's probably a part of it. It sounds like she had a good time and wants to see you again. Maybe she was busy and read your text with some other ones from other people and forgot to respond. Maybe there was an error and she didn't get it (this happens on my cell network frequently). I'd say it's alright to text again later today asking how her weekend was. If you don't get a response from that, then wait for her to talk to you before sending anything else.

    • So I text her and she replied... Would I be to direct to ask her out again in the next text... She is shy and her text replies are pretty short and it is hard to keep conversation going with her through text...