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What are signs of a creep?

A customer at my job I guess he found me attractive and as I remember seeing him long time ago I noticed he would watch my every move and show up to work the same exact day and time I worked. I noticed the patterns at the last minute. We became cordial and since I don’t work often. I ran into him again so he asked for my number.

He starts a conversation then asks did I change my schedule which I really didn’t because I still see him just not exactly at 4:00 or 5:00 pm when I usually work also when he pops up. He asks for my major gives a compliment and says he hopes to be apart of my happiness. He gives me a compliment then asks me am I crazy? That looks are deceiving, he has to be cautious. These questions would pop up randomly when we’re talking about another topic.

He calls me gentle and the lists goes on.. but we just literally had a conversation through text for one day !
Out of no where he sends a text that says “send me a ugly pic” I have silly pictures of me in my phone but I was confused on what he meant and I wasn’t going to have any of my pictures in his phone. I picked a picture from google a silly one and he mentioned he liked it so I pointed out his fake reaction.

He mentioned to send more so he can save them? I rejected his request and a second later he responded with another topic and I was fed up with the conversation so I answered and said a sentence with “ttyl”. Days went on and it’s at least 5 days and I haven’t heard from him.

I’m sorta bothered because I have no idea what made him flee if we only texted for one day and it was about meaningless topics. I have visions that he’s going to pop up at my job and I am happy I don’t work often but I actually don’t feel comfortable going to work now.. I am feel so paranoid.
What are signs of a creep?
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