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Should I ask him if this is just a one time hookup?

This might get a bit confusing so I'm sorry in advance. So I met this cute guy on vacation with my friend and her family. He was friends with my friends cousin, and the cousin asked him about me. The cute friend said he was gonna make a move on me after the cousin told him I was interested, and then I got his snap from my friends cousin. The conversation between the cousin and the cute friend about me was kinda sexual, but they're guys so it's whatever.

Long story short, I like this guy. He doesn't seem like an asshole, and the cousin said he's definitely a relationship guy and that I am very much his type. He asked me to come back to visit him, but we haven't made solid plans. There's not a lot of conversation as he's not a very good texter. I wanna make plans to go see him, and I want to get on the same page with him and know if this is just going to be a hookup or if he's interested in seeing me again, but I don't want to come across as crazy/clingy/desperate. How can I approach him, ask to see him, and figure out where we stand with each other without seeming desperate and driving him away?
Should I ask him if this is just a one time hookup?
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