Love doesn't exist?

has anyone seen Liberated "New sexual revolution" on Netflix? this why decent women and men dont exist anymore. girls dressing practically naked and guys not able to keep it in their pants. decent men dont exist, that documentary shows me that all guys just want sex and will cheat every opportunity. that's why guys follow half naked chicks on Instagram its because they want them some of these guys are in relationships and liking these photos. true love doesn't exist and I guess I won't ever find a decent man who doesn't do any of this. Disappointing, guess guys dont want true love. I'm a girl and I cover up my body, I dont dress revealing ever. But a girl who dresses half naked gets more men than I can even get one.. Oh well. guess my dreams of having kids and getting married are over. I want a guy who doesn't follow half naked chicks online, I want a guy who is loyal and not creepy. but I guess they dont exist, love doesn't exist. when couples are in a relationship they just have sex because its hookup culture and it's tough to find love anymore. I don't know that documentary opened my eyes. Yeah so why is it like this? Guess I won't ever find a decent man?
Love doesn't exist?
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