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OK maybe I am old school but I can't get this no calling thing. No one calls anyone anymore.

So This guy and I are "dating" I guess... I guess because we either text, chat or FB message each other everyday.. Initiated by him.

Yes we have slept together, and we were very good friends first. We didn't talk every day mind you but now we do.

He has not tried to have sex again. However, he went out on Saturday even though he was sick because I was out and he didn't want me to be by myself. He is always touching or hugging or yesterday massaging me...

But no phone calls. Is that normal these days... Maybe I am just old school...

BTW its not that he isn't trying to see me. He just doesn't come over to my house much but that maybe because we are both single parents and protective of who our kids meet. Again ALL signs are there he just never calls. Then again I've never seen him call anyone


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  • Its the new thing these days. I think guys prefer it cause it takes the pressure off actually talking. My boyfriend HATES talking on the phone. We've been together for 1.5+ years and he still texts me. Not fb really unless he post something and I comment on it, but mostly text. He text me first thing in the am to ask how my sleep was, and last thing at night to say goodnight xo all text messages. However I do see my boyfriend a lot but he only calls me if something big happened like his boss was being a super jerk and there is a big story there... but seriously.. texting is the new thing. I prefer calls but I guess I do somewhat like the odd text cause you may only have a few seconds to say hey and not really have time to get into a conversation


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  • I think it's normal this day. A lot of guys I talk to now prefer texting method because you can do a lot while talking to your special one. Only time they will call to tell you're they running late.

  • my boyfriend (of 6 months) does the same - no calls, only texting, facebook and email. I read somewhere (some self-help books) that says if the guy cares, he will call you (the theory is that they can text to a million people but on the phone, its one-to-one time) so I told my boyfriend that I didn't like texting or emailing, pls call me. Since then he did call me, but only a few times, and then he went back to the whole emailing, texting, facebooking routine. And we are still together..

    So I guess its just normal these days, they are just very used to texting and emailing...

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