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Do you he ever liked me? And why has he bailed ship?


We have known eachother for some time now. We text eachother everyday, more a less all day, give or take a few hours when we're busy.

He comes to see me once a week and he drives about an hour to come to mine. Everytime, he comes to see me, we always have sex, but the sex feels nice, he makes sure he pleasures me and loads of kissing is involved. He also stays with me for a couple of hours before and after to watch telly with me. Whenever he is home he texts me and the next morning he will text me.

But the passed couple of days he has been away and has been sending less and message messages, he has been giving me one worded answer.

He was suppose to come see me tonight but he said he was asleep on the sofa, so I messaged him and said, if you don't want to do this you don't have too, he replied back with, if that's okay. I'm going away in 10 weeks and I don't want me mess you around (I knew he was going back abroad for work)

My real question here is why say to me, when I live here and constantly message me until he gets a reply to just back out like that?
Do you he ever liked me? And why has he bailed ship?
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