Guy kisses girl who is friend to girl he likes?

So I have a friend who is into me (I think). We went clubbing and after she stayed with me at my hotel. (Only place for her to stay) Well she could had probably stayed with a friend but this girl wanted to stay with me. All night she was flirting and seducing me. And we kissed at the hotel but I was able to stop myself from going any further then a kiss. Left the room after the kiss and returned to a sleeping girl!

Now a lot of friends was at the club and so was the girl that I like. The 2 girls are complete opposites when it comes to personality and personal choice. But they seem to be really good friends...Almost best friends. (not sure though) Now I know that the two girls talked but even if nothing happened between me and the girl that likes me what are the chances with the girl I like. I've known this girl for a lot longer, and we have a lot of things in common. The other girl (who likes me) is fun to hangout with. The girl I like knows we stayed together but other then that I'm not sure what happened. Things were already complicated enough with me and her but this seems to end anything.

So what do you think I should do? Talk with the girl I like? What do you think she is thinking (the girl I that I like)? Should I worry about it?

Any advise would be awesome.



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  • Yeah clear it up to the girl that you do like..


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