3 mo

Was I overreacting?

So my I was supposed to go out with a guy on Sunday. He said that the place we were going to eat had big portions so eat light. I ate a banana and water. At 3:00 he said you know what we are not going to go anymore. I was like what? He said a friend came over so we are going to have a barbecue instead. Do you want to come? I said no cause we had said we were going to a restaurant he said ok I'm on my way. 7pm comes and he says get in I'm outside. I said I ate already I'm not going. And know he says I'm overreacting I don't think I am am I?
Yes, you need to relax
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3 mo
Yes I understand he he made an effort to see me I get that I guess I need to explain better. When he is with his friends I get treated like shit he gets all macho telling him to get him stuff for him and his friends. I would rather avoid humiliation
Was I overreacting?
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