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Does my guy friend still like me at all?

My one guy friend used to like me as a tad bit more than a friend, but he never asked me out, therefore, there was never any rejection. I never liked him up until now. Before my class & I went on our senior trip, we’d text quite a bit... A LOT of texts were exchanged before we went on the trip; we texted for days about random stuff & would send games to play each other. While on the trip, he left my friend group & I, & tagged along with these two other girls. Ever since the trip, they’ve all been hanging out & it seems as though they may all like each other (or they’re just VERY friendly idk). But ever since the trip, he barely texts me anymore, & once in a while he’ll leave me on read (which he’s never done before)... he won’t snapchat me either. If I’d post something on my story, he would usually send me a message, jokingly mocking me. Not only am I upset because I feel like he doesn’t like me like that anymore, but I also feel as though he doesn’t even like me as a friend. What should I do? Can I even save this friendship? I like him a lot, even if we’re just friends I’d be content with that too obviously.
Does my guy friend still like me at all?
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