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Is this guy using me or actually likes me?

I’ve been talking to this guy for four months now, and at the beginning we were texting for about a month before going on our first date. I wasn’t really into this guy at all but he seemed to be really into me and put in a lot of work and we actually had so much in common, so I decided to give him a chance and actually go on a date with him. I was surprised how much chemistry we had, I liked how confident he was, and when he kissed me it all felt really natural and not forced, although he seemed to be quite a rough kisser I just assumed that’s is his kissing style. The date went really well and we ended up going on another two dates. We only kissed and made out during our dates and didn’t go any further as I didn’t want to, he asked me why I didn’t want to go back to his or my place on our3rddate, but I just shrugged it off. We only went on three dates as he was going away for the summer to Europe as an exchange student, but we kept it touch ever since and we’ve been texting frequently. He made it clear that he wants to see me again after summer and we still talk but he is not as keen to reply to my texts as he previously was when he wasn’t away, what I mean is that he waits longer before replying, like sometimes up to 12 hours or sometimes a day. I’ve been doing the same and always wait hours before texting him back and that’s how we talk right now. He might hold off on texting me back but I can see that he was recently active. I know there’s a massive time difference but that is not an excuse not to read my text or text back as he clearly can. I wanted to ask is he ignoring me on purpose, is unbothered, or could it be he has some other girls he’s talking to right now and is just stringing me along to not lose contact with me and get me attached to use me for his advantage when comes back from Europe? Would you think he actually likes me and is there a future for a relationship or should I just leave him and stop this altogether?
Is this guy using me or actually likes me?
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