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Guys, Am I overthinking this situation?

On Monday the guy I‘m seeing asked me if I wanted to meet up with him and his coworkers on Wednesday after they did their company kickball outing.

I work late during the week so I told him I would keep him posted but try my best. I reached out around 5:00 and said I would probably get out around 7:30.

He responded by saying that he would text me when they were done but that he wasn’t sure if he was still going because he just found out he got an interview for a job he REALLY wants and had a mock interview set up for the next morning.

I’m really excited for him and told him he’s going to kill it. He responded that we would have a lot to celebrate my first week (I start a new job on Monday).

After I got off I texted him really quick and said, “I just got off, did you decide to head home after kickball?” And then replied to his comment of how we’ll have a lot to celebrate with, “(and yes we will :) )

The thing that has me worried is the fact that I saw the text bubbles pop up but he never actually responded.
Guys, Am I overthinking this situation?
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