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Why don’t guys like me after a while?

Not that I care at all cause I really don’t but every guy I talk to like as more than a friend always stop talking to me after a while and I don't know why. So tbh I gave up on guys like people say after sex girls get attached for a little bit with the guy or whatever but for me because of the reason I told u I don’t get attached at all I just move on asap. Like it’s hard for me to even get feelings for a guy anymore. In a way it’s good that I’m like that cause I know no guy would ever like me they might for a day or 2 and then they move on to a new girl and be with her instead. Im always a last choice/option. So honeslty I just don’t care anymore and I accepted that I’ll be single forever and I’m good with that as long as I have my friends that’s all I need company wise.

The funny thing is tho when a guy actually meets me and talks to me and gets to know me they kinda end up liking me like yday this guy I met and talked to was like “ I can’t belive ur single ur really pretty, have a nice smile and are diffrent and enjoy being with you” but I can’t let myself get attached cause I already know how the cycle goes
Why don’t guys like me after a while?
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