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Has he lost interest?

I met this guy, a friend of a friend, and I was told he was interested in me. I was interested in him so I got his snap. The first couple days we snapped back and forth, but he's not very quick at responding. Our mutual friend said I'm very much this guys type and that he's definitely a relationship guy, and the few days we all spent together he was goofy and a real gentleman. He asked me to come see him one night and I didn't open it until the morning. Now he's left me on open for 2 days. I really like this guy, and I want to tell him that I'm going to be in the area for the weekend and that if the offer is still on the table to come visit he should meet me for drinks. Does this make me sound desperate since he left me on open and we haven't talked in a few days?
Has he lost interest?
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