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Should I end it with this guy or see where it goes?

I want to possibly end it with Guy A because I've recently reconnected with someone from my past, Guy B (ended due to distance). Guy B and I had a casual fling for months before he left for a job abroad, and will be coming back in about 9 months. I honestly fell hard for Guy B and we've talked about possibly reconnecting when he comes back. However, not long after he left a few months ago we stopped contact. I used to message every once in awhile but then stepped back and waited for him to message first. It took him 2 months. I wrote it off as him adjusting to abroad and working. He finally messaged just a week ago and still is interested in reconnecting when he is back.

After about a month of no contact i've decided Guy A lost interest so i decided to try dating apps in an attempt to move on. That's when I started conversing with Guy B. It's been going alright, there's potential but I have yet to meet him in person. We've been talking almost 2 weeks maybe. I'm hesitant to meet because I feel like at that point I might be in too deep if I decide to end things.

I'm conflicted between seeing where it can go with Guy A or waiting for Guy B. I still have feelings for Guy B so I feel like it would be unfair to Guy A to try anything when I'm still hung up on a past guy. But also maybe i'll fall for Guy A more and end up liking him more than Guy B.

At this point I just don't want to date and focus on school. Would it be wrong to try and keep them both around as friends or flirtatious friends.
Should I end it with this guy or see where it goes?
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