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Okay. so I went on a 2nd date with this guy I really like last Friday night and we both had a really good time. I asked that he call me and he agreed. I knew he had a conference to go to the next day (Saturday) so I texted "enjoy your conference" the next day. He texted back later letting me know that he had a great time with me the other night. We further exchanged texts (just a couple of them) on Sunday. I decided to send him a funny forward last night (Monday) and he hasn't responded yet. I knew he was sick the entire weekend. I kind of want to call to see if he's feeling better. So should I? or should I wait until he calls me. or wait a couple more days then call him? I knew he needed to catch up on work and school and mentioned he's been feeling a little stressed out. I don't want to bombard him with "contacts" and scar him away.

What do you guys think I should do?

Oops. I don't mean scar. I mean SCARE.
he just replied to my email. apparently he is sick as a dog (ear infection, strep throat and running a fever)! Thanks guys for your input!


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  • txt him and see how he's doing and check on him , I'm sure he'll like that .

    • Well I kind of wrote "i hope you're feeling better!" in that forward... so don't you think txting him again make it a bit redundant? I'm just afraid I'm going to scare him off... I honestly just really like him.

    • Txt him again tomorrow and see what his reply..

    • You're more than welcome ,i hope he'll get better , take care of him ..

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  • Wait until tomorrow and just send him another "hi" and ask if he would like to get together again in the coming weekend. If you send it in the morning, you should get a response by the evening at the least.

  • its ok everyone make mistakes .


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