If he fancies me like the evidence shows, why hasn't he confirmed our date for this week?

A colleague asked me out at the end of the shift last Thursday, we agreed it will be this Wednesday and he wants to pick me up. He didn't want the details there and then so I left my details the next day with mobile number. He has yet to phone / text to confirm so already trying to convince myself that he was only asking me out for something to do or he has changed his mind. Am I being too impatient? So how does a man communicate different to a woman? Is it more likely he will contact me on the day?

This is why I think he fancies me - we chat when we can (one shift we were talking for an hour and half!), he pays me compliments one minute rude about my dog, takes the micky out of me the next, we give each other the eye, flirt and looks after me. He leaves on Friday to go to his next job, lives 2 hours away and has on many occasions asked me to move on.

For me I noticed him straight away and is known as my eye candy! We are alike.

Thank you gentleman for your help.

We went out had a lovely evening & saw each other the next day & we have two further dates next week. Found out he has a woman back home who has given him an altermatum go home to her or cont. working away, if he is offered a job here he said he will take


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  • I notice a lot of guys can be poor planners. Sometimes it can be because they are self-centered or they are just looking for a fling, so what you do is not that important to them. Sometimes it is just because they are not good at planning.

    I wouldn't worry at this point. I would wait until Wednesday to hear. If he does not contact you by Wednesday at noon, I would be irritated but I would send a nice message to him (text or call) telling him you are looking forward to your date that night and wondered what about the details. I mean, really, you should be able to plan what you are going to wear and what time you should be ready.

    Based on the way he handles this date, you can then decide whether he is someone you want to keep dating. Some guys get cold feet and could flake out, but you will know that by Wednesday too. Good luck!