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Am I wrong for cutting ties?

I was seeing this guy for a month, after our 2nd time seeing each other I wanted to talk about our intentions before we got closer. He asked for mines first and I said that I wanted to get to know him and then possibly a relationship. He said that we wasn’t looking for anything in particular and he wouldn’t stop a relationship from forming. This is the reason that concerned me, I have made it known that I was interested in him. I don’t expect a person to text me everyday but at least have conversations on a regular. I noticed that he would text me once a week after we had that talk. So, I texted him and he responded and that was it. The next week the same thing. So I text him saying that we don’t have much effective communication going on and I wished him luck on finding what he was looking for. Am I wrong? We didn’t want the same thing and he had poor communication skills which turned me off.
Am I wrong for cutting ties?
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