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When he ghosts me, without giving me a reason?

A guy I had been talking to and connecting with for over a month, out of nowhere ghosts me and disappeared from all contact with me less than a week ago. after a few days had passed, he finally reappeared citing that he had some issues and been tied up a few days, and that a lot had been happening to him. happy to finally hear from him, i text my love and concern just as a friend trying to be a shoulder for him, during his issues. only to find myself sending messages, that were continuously, left on "delivered" and never read. he had stopped reading my messages all together, through text and IG, nothing. he went dead to me, but not to the world. I of course, felt hurt and baffled as to why i was it felt like purposely being ignored. after sometime, i finally had enough of the ghosting and left the dear john text, letting him know, i got the hint, goodbye and a few days ago, one morning posted a IG story saying "life moves in mysterious ways. got something good, dont mess up, stay strong and consistent." i thought afterall it was a message to me that i would see it and feel better. so i did reach out once more, through phone call, feeling like if he heard my voice, it would be better b. c. sometimes things get lost through texts. against my better head i called. only to have him pick up/and hang up. nothing more. still dead texts, dead and unread messages (IG) yes im hurt by this, a dude i wasted my time on, who ghosted me. but had been active on social media. that he has time for. i ended up deleteing his number, and blocking him. i felt so used and time wasted. am i wrong for feeling this upset? my mom says i dodged a bullet? going ghost is so immature.
When he ghosts me, without giving me a reason?
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