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Ladies opinion on amazing first dates?

So I'd like an insight into what women think after an amazing first date. I'm in my late twenties, a guy, and for me if I've had an amazing first date and I really like the woman I'm not bothered about anyone else. I like to see how things go with her, and don't want to be seeing or talking to multiple women. So from a woman's point of view, how do you go from an amazing first date... Let's say you were out for hours, got on really well, lost track of time and really liked the guy? Do you think "yeah I really like him but I'm going to date other guys at the same time just in case" or are you more "I'd like to see where it goes because I really like him and are not bothered about anyone else?"
Are you excited to receive a message from him? Or send one? Or are you worrying he's out seeing other women? As a guy I worry about far too much and it hugely impacts how long I keep interest in someone because I end up telling myself they're seeing someone else and I end things. Thoughts please!
I'm happy to see how things go with one guy at a time
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I'm happy to continue dating multiple guys just in case this doesn't work out
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Ladies opinion on amazing first dates?
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