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Did my boyfriend just flirt in front of me?

So I went to dinner with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. The woman running the place was very nice and friendly to all of us.

He wanted to talk with her, and at first, I thought it was innocent. The place was nearly empty, and she acted as our waitress.

At some point, I proposed that my boyfriend take some photos of us with my phone. The waitress came, and he started taking pictures of her. She tried to hide, laughing, but he insisted and said "I'll send them to you!"

Later he told me he thought she'd give him a restaurant card. I don't think it would have had her cell number on it. Then they started talking, both standing behind us, with low voices.

Eventually we got up to leave, and he hugged her goodbye, so she hugged me too (maybe because otherwise it would have been weird).

She was closing the restaurant and said she was glad she was living near by. He said "ah, now we know where to find you!". Then he started asking her questions about which way we should go, and it seemed to me he was making it last longer than needed.

I don't think she tried to flirt with him, and she mostly tried to talk to me rather than him. It is his behavior that I found weird, because I have never seen him be so friendly with a waitress, or any stranger really.

Could this be anything other than flirtation? I would appreciate any input!
Did my boyfriend just flirt in front of me?
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