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Is this guy at work interested in me?

Last week me and this guy at work along other coworkers together were talking. I was out the rain came back said to the guy i'm dripping from that rain hair everything etc. He had been out asked if he was wet too saying you don't look as bad as me drier etc. We had work party next dight. Neither of us went straight up to each other when we saw each other there. Later he approached me saying “you not wet anymore” I said “no all dry now” chatting a little more. He was asking showing me some guy asking if I like him or what I thought of them and about some other guy. I obviously told him I didn't like that particular guy like that or no I don't want him or no I don't like him etc He was smiling I was like “stop trying set me up I'm single don't need a man” joking smiling at him he just laughed smiling walking we spoke more later. Didn't see him go to other girls. When I saw him in work next time spoke more about the night what time he left etc. Another day it was hot I was saying to him I didn't now how he coped in the heat with all the clothes he was wearing the ramp saying he be as tan as me etc. He looks at a when he sees me a lot. Other times not as much. Today when he walked past the check in desk he looked over me. Why he was asking about other guys at the party. Is he trying to get me to say I thought he was better or something?
Is this guy at work interested in me?
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