She hasn't responded my text!

Hey girls I just need a little help with the situation I am in... So I sent a text to a girl I really like last night asking her if she wanted to hang out sometime this week but she hasn't texted me back yet... But you see the thing is sometimes her phone doesn't receive text messages so my question to you girls is how I should start off my next convo with her on MSN without coming off that I have been waiting all day for a text back (which I have been haha)..

1. Ask her if she had received my text from last night

2. Just play it off like it doesn't matter to me if she received the text or not and not bring up the text message

3. Start off the convo asking her if everything is alright cause she didn't respond to my text (which she usually does in a timely matter)

BTW I am 19 not 25 - 29 haha


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  • Just be casual.

    Texting is a tricky thing because you 1) don't know if she got the text, 2) has been busy and couldn't respond, 3) ignored it on purpose, 4) if your phone didn't send it properly, or many, many other reasons! It's the feeling of not knowing that sucks the most and leaves you not knowing what to do.

    Since no one can be sure what her reason was for not responding, just play it off. Personally, if I deliberately ignore a text from a guy I'm not feeling, and he calls me out on it, it makes me both angry and annoyed. If she genuinely missed the text for any reason (not on purpose), then she'll have no reason to not respond to anything you send her on MSN, regardless of what you say, and there will be no worries. But again, since you have no way of knowing if she got the text or ignored it (she can easily lie to you and say her phone didn't get the text when in fact she did), the best route to go is not bringing it up (at least not right away).


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  • ask if she received it. definitely. that makes you not sound clingy because you're just clarifying things because you know that she doesn't always get texts, and that way if she really hasn't then you can just ask her out then. if you play it off and she really hasn't gotten it then she might not even get that you're interested in hanging out again.

  • Just ask her. :)


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