How can you break the ice, or getting to know somebody over Facebook?

I just added a girl that I really like, she doesn't know me and no I cannot meet her in real life, so what can I do to break the ice? I notice this is sort of creepy, but I like her and if I don't make a move I will probably will never know if I can get a date from her or not.


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  • I love the way you said it was sort of creepy, at least you are honest. Are you sure she is cool being as you don't know her!?

    Just ask ffs!

    No harm is there!

    • well you will never if you don't try!, thanks though.

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  • just say hi? wow your photo looks good! etc I don't know what specifically to say but catch her attention in a good way I guess.

    I'm unlikely to take up a guy flirting on fb, I prefer in person approach ...


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  • So, you are online. And SHE is online. And you are waiting, and waiting and waiting – to grow the balls to approach her. OR you are harassing and boring her to death with dumb questions that will get her to IGNORE you, BIG TIME. Either way – you’re f***ing up. Either because you are doing NOTHING or because what you’re doing you’re doing it the wrong way.

    It’s very important that you TAKE INITIATIVE. If you get signs from a girl that she’s interested, at least a bit – start a conversation. Don’t wait for her to fall from the SKY – she probably won’t. Yes, if SHE sends you a Friends request and initiates contact, and you like her, keep the ball rolling, help her out. If, on the other hand (which is the case with most guys) she didn’t initiate contact – you should give it a try. This leads us to a simple question -

    What the hell should you talk about, and how should you start chatting with her?

    It’s not so complicated. Just don’t get scared sh*tless. If you are worried about what you should talk about, then you either a) have no imagination b) don’t do anything with your life. You have to DO stuff (travel, work out, study, have a hobby, walk a dog, do sports, learn a language, have a passion – ANYTHING) so that you have a certain topic. Avoid talking about negative stuff. She doesn’t give a f*** about your job, or some other BORING stuff. Don’t talk about being sick, bored, feeling like crap – or ANY other negative sh*t that leads nowhere.

    Be different by being more positive than all the other chumps hitting on her. If you can leave her with a smile after chatting with you, she might end up wanting to wake up next to you. Or at least share a bed for a while So here’s what you can chat about: talk sh*t. Yep – that’s all. Talk sh*t. If you don’t know how – practice. Don’t ask her PERSONAL questions before you talked sh*t a lot. Talk about her DOG, your dog, whatever. Laugh about it. See what you have in common. Don’t get into politics, religion and other complicated subjects BEFORE you sleep with her. Don’t even THINK about arguing with her – the point is to make your first chat FUN. That’s it. Y

  • you can't meet her in person but want to date her good luck with that

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