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Is she trying to get me to react?

So I went out on date with this girl a week ago and everything seemed fine. We also kissed several times and she even stayed the night at my place even though she said she didn’t plan on it. I tried to make several moves but she didn’t seem like she wanted to have sex which is understandable for a first date and all. So after the date I waited about a couple days to give myself some time and think about whether I should ask her on another date and the same day she left my place she posted about her keeping me around on social media but I didn’t assume it was about me at first ( pretty much because we both can date whoever). When I finally did reach out a few days since we last met I told her “I had fun and would like to see her again”. She said “she had fun too”. After that I asked “when is she free for us to meet again?”. She gave no response at all. So I was left scratching my head. Fast forward this weekend she posted on social media ( we met through social media) her with another guy and the two doing together the same things we did on our date with subliminal captions too. She didn’t even post me at all when we was on our date. Which I thought was odd. And the kicker is after her post she made about her keeping me around, the day after that she posted another something else saying “karma was coming for me real quick”. I didn’t pay this any mind when I first saw it because I assumed she could be talking about anyone. But after seeing the other guy I know she was talking about me and the fact that she ignored my message. So now I want to know did I do something wrong? And why would someone do this? Is she trying to get me jealous or something? I feel like shit after this whole thing it just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I unfollowed her and trying to move on though
Is she trying to get me to react?
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