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Should certain kinds of debt affect your choice in dating or marrying someone?

Please explain your reasoning. For me I believe certain debts are mostly unavoidable and expected. For example, if someone has student loans that shows me they are trying to better their lives and careers. Having student loans would not trigger a red flag to me by itself. However, if it exceeded a certain amount I would want to know why. Did she major in something that requires a lot of schooling? Did she change majors? If either of those are yes, I would still not be concerned. However, if she already has a job after college and is not currently attending, I would want to see that the payments are made on time or a good reason if not. A mortgage would not concern me because almost nobody can buy a home without one. A car loan also does not concern me, again because it is a necessity. Other debts, such as credit cards, personal loans, store credit cards, etc. would cause me some concern, but if being handled responsibly I could be ok with. ANY debt not being paid on time or under reasonable circumstances would be red flags for me. However, I do not understand the mindset of judging someone just for simply HAVING debt without knowing why. For example, if someone says they have $100,000 in debt I would not be put off by it, but I would want to know why. Other people would just say "I can't date someone with that much debt" without knowing what the debt is for, which I think is wrong. Finally, to me I would date someone who has gone through bankruptcy, but only if enough time has passed and all their efforts since have been reasonable and they made good moves. I am a believer in second chances because people mess up in life for many reasons. However, I only give the 2nd chance once someone has earned it. Kinda lengthy explanation, but these are my thoughts. What are yours, GAG community?
Should certain kinds of debt affect your choice in dating or marrying someone?
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