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Get jealous of bf's female friend?

They are best friend since 6 years ago , we just moved into her city. What makes me jealous is that when we hang out I feel like the 3rd wheel , there were times my boyfriend ignored my words bc she literally talked right after me and he will only respond to her. They guys tell each other almost everything and when they talk to each other they are so focused to each other and stare like no one else is there , I was standing next to them but I feel transparent bc they can literally talk to each other for 5 min without making eye contact to me. I overheard several times boyfriend said ' you are skinny ', 'you are pretty'.

How am I supposed to deal with this? I have a hard time to admit i feel so insecure and jealous , boyfriend and I are about to start a long distance while she and him and still hang out several times per week. I feel sick
Get jealous of bf's female friend?
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