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Disrespectful or not?

So there was a girl i asked out on a date. Afterwards she stated she wasn't looking for a relationship. 🙄 (in other words not me). Lol so i was said ok thats cool just friends and left it there. So i started dating another girl and of course i stopped hanging out with her as often since it was more like her flirtling with me to get free dates etc. Now she's pregnant by another man who ran off with his wife. So now she's constantly texting me saying things such as " im sorry i regret not giving you a chance but now i realize how great of a man you are" etc.. i just felt like this was a slap in the face. And very manipulated by the sudden affection. Does anyone else feel the same?
Yes Grimy, disrespectful, manipulative.
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Disrespectful or not?
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