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Farts! When did they happen in your relationship + funny oopsie story?

My boyfriend and I were just playing around in bed, acting all silly and goofy together. Our favorite thing to do is either play fight or just read side by side. Well today we were wrestling a bit (he goes gently on me because I'm pretty tiny) and the movement shifted things around if you know what I mean lol. I sort of shifted around in bed trying to hold in the fart and he was like "what are you doing wiggle worm?" I don't exactly know how to lie so I giggled and said "I gotta toot." He laughed and was like "By toot you mean fart?" I died laughing and was like "it's a little one." He was like "Do it." I was like "no you're gonna think I'm not a lady." I covered my face and he was all amused like "so what's your game plan? You're just gonna cower in pain?" I was like "yes or you can cover your ears." He started making jokes and was like "better to fart and bear the shame than hold it in and bear the pain" or however that goes lol! Basically we died laughing like six year olds and I was like "stop!" Then he was like squeezing my sides because he knows that's my tickle spot. The fart came out as I was laughing and it was embarrassing! I've never really done anything gross in front of him since we've only been dating for 8 months but it came out! It sounded like when you stick your tongue out and it goes "pffft" lol! Tmi I know but I was sooo embarrassed. He hugged me and was like "that was the tiniest thing!" We both had a laugh attack after that but it made me wonder about you guys lol! When did the first fart happen in your relationship?
Farts! When did they happen in your relationship + funny oopsie story?
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