He called me fat and is mad at ME!?

This guy that likes me called me fat, not to my face but he told someone and they told me. I didn't yell I just stopped talking to him

He keeps texting me saying he's upset that I don't seem interested anymore.


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What Guys Said 1

  • 1.) He was embarrassed that he like you and was in front of his friends and called fat because of that

    2.) the person who told you either took it out of context or is lying

    3.) he told the truth you

    either way you need to confront him about it and let him give his side of the story then make your decision then


What Girls Said 1

  • How much do you trust the person that told you?..

    I say you speak to him and clear that up, people tend to lie to make others sounds bad.

    That makes no sense at all..He likes you and he's interested I don't think he would call you fat

    if he likes you it's for you obviously