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Guys, Hard Time Letting Go, help?

For about 1.5 weksI was talking to a guy on a dating app (he;s Indian) and we were getting along very well, actually conversing and seemed to have similar sense of humors. He had messaged me a few times over the past few months but I guess I just never saw or felt like responding, so I recently did and things it off well. He explained the reason he was so adamant was because he felt like from my profile and pictures we seemed pretty compatible and that his intuitions are usually right. He did seem to want to move a little fast in the direction of a relationship, but I explained this too him and he apologized and explained he didn't want to scare me but so far he really liked what he was experiencing. At one point, the convo got a little more sexual than I was comfortable with at this point, and I explained it and he aplogized and told me that for some reason." The biggest bonus was that he thanked me for correcting him instead of getting defensive. So we finally decide to meet in person and I'm more nervous than usual given the depth of our convos.
I always tend to be more reserved/ shy when I first meet people (this is on my dating profile though. But all this talk ahead of time made me more nervous because like what if I didn't live up to his "idea" of me. It was a little weird considering the chemistry it felt we had via texting. Afterwards, he texted "I'm one of the sweetest girls but he couldn't seem to find the connection, and wasn't sure why. I told him I appreciated his response and honesty and wished him the best.
Now part of me wishes I would've explained what I was thinking/ feeling on the date because I feel like I wasn't myself. Plus he was soo adamant before and at one point when he thought I might stop talking to him, was all like "I want to keep talking to you and don't want some stupid misunderstanding to stop it because I really think there is some potential here." But I don't want to seem desparte or needy. Any suggestions?
Guys, Hard Time Letting Go, help?
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