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Okay so I signed up for an online dating site. I haven't responded or reached out to anyone accept one of the guys who contacted me. I saw him and I thought he was cute so I sent him a "wink" and then I messaged him saying hi. He hasn't responded back to me. He also hasn't looked at my profile at all yet, so he hasn't seen my pictures or anything...but he HAS been online. I just signed up for this online dating thing so I am not too sure of the etiquette, Do you think he is ignoring me or do you think he just hasn't gotten the chance to check me out?


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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of online dating, where everyone is literally treated like a piece of meet in a butcher's shop window. You have to develop a very thick skin or your feelings will get hurt easily.

    Some sites show you if the message has been read or not in the "Sent" messages folder. Some people don't really take their online dating profiles seriously and ignore stuff. I've actually kind of been ignoring some girls lately which is something I thought I would never do. It's not really a comment on you though so don't take it personally.

    If you're really interested, wait another few days and then send a short message with a little joke like "Hey I guess my last message got lost in the stack in your inbox ;)" Sometimes that turns people around.


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