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I need advice badly?

So I'm dating my boyfriend nearly four years and to b fair I don't really know his family that well I'm trying to but I'm very shy and there all mad like

So my boyfriend invited me to his brothers communion and it was nerve wrecking because I haven't seen all his family like that since when I first was going out with him when he invited me to his brothers christening
So I went and all his family didn't know who I was they thought I was just a random person at the party and I flet like crap and then my boyfriend cousin got his first girlfriend and all his family love her and are always talking about her and I just feel like crap because I feel like I don't fit in or don't belong and I feel like why can't they like me like id love to b close with my br sis n ma but it's just hard n I'm trying to b someone. Not
I dunno please help me out here
I need advice badly?
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