What's the dating scene like for a guy my age? 27

I'm 27 and just got out of what I thought would be a lasting relationship but only lasted 7 months. So now after 3 months and getting over it I want to try dating. The thing is I don't and never have played the dating game much. I had one girl for a couple years in high school, was single from17 to 23. Dated another girl for a few months at age 23. Was single till I met my last girlfriend last year. I met my last girlfriend while going out with some friends for our b days. She was a friend of my friends and we just hooked up so it was kind of easy, though I still had to get up the courage to strike a conversation. But now my question is I'm 27 and was just wondering what other people my age in the dating scene expect or are into. I know It's a pretty open question but maybe just tell me what your into if your in my age group. Should I put up with any immature women cause at this age I expect someone who knows who they are and what they want.

When I was younger I loved to be single. Then some friends started finding their soulmates and a few got married. Even after that I liked being single cause I had the freedome they didn't have lol. But now I feel I want to meet more people.
To try and find the one. I always wondered how she would come along and since I used to be kinda shy I wasn't sure when I would change and be ready to put myself out there. Well after feeling what I felt for my last girlfriend I really want to meet more.
To get a better idea of who compliments me and if the girls I'm into are really the right ones for me. I once kinda believed in having one true love but I think we have many loves and it's finding that one that loves you back unconditionally that makes
the dating game worth it.


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  • Depends on the person. I can tell you what it's like for me since I've been dating heavily for the past 13-14 months. I'm 26. When my last relationship ended about 15 months ago, I told myself I would just date without committing for a long time for the same reason you explained, was always purposefully single or with someone.

    Some recommendations:

    1) Try online dating as it's a good way to find women who actually want to be approached. This saves the trouble of approaching women in public who aren't interested in finding a guy. The trouble starts after that though because you will find many of the women on dating sites are just there to get male attention to chuff up their egos and don't actually plan on doing any dating. You should get the idea pretty quickly if that's the case. Another benefit of online dating is that there are always more new people signing up.

    2) Remember that the way women treat you is only a reflection on them, not on you. I started getting really depressed when women I liked would be flaky last year but it dawned on me that what they do has nothing to do with me. Keep your head straight and don't take anything too seriously until you've had a few dates.

    3) Don't act desperate or like you really want/need her to to go out with you. Women run when they smell desperation. Actually, many women will run if they sense that you're just a nice guy. Women seek higher social value in romantic partners and in their twisted subconscious thinking, a guy who is nice to them out of the blue must not be as good as her. If you start off the wrong foot she'll only ever look down on you.

    Good luck.


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