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Guy talking about ex girlfriend?

I've been casually seeing a guy for a few months. It was long distance, isn’t anymore, So we are kind of in limbo... we will either solidify this thing as a friends with benefits thing because we are in the same city, or we might get a little more serious/exclusive. Anyways we went to go grab dinner the other night and he was talking about something weird about a girl he knew/dated in college and he was super adamant about there being “absolutely no feelings, like none at all, it was forever ago, I’m just telling you this weird thing about her blah blah” I don’t care, I didn’t think anything of it, I can’t even remember what he was saying about her, but I obviously remember him wanting to clarify the no feelings thing.

I’m basically looking for clues he wants me to be his girlfriend, haha and I want to know if that was a clue or like a positive thing?
Guy talking about ex girlfriend?
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