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Am I friend zoned or not?

Hi, I know this sounds stupid and cliche, but I'm having trouble figuring out if this guy I like is into me. I feel like he was, like we'd make eye contact a lot, he'd stare at me, playfully touch and push me etc. I swore, I could cut the sexual tension in the air with knife. the next time I saw him he didn't really seem in the mood. He treated me kindly and still joked and was playful but I felt like he seemed just slightly more distance and he did call me bro like twice. He still asked if we were down to hang out and stuff but he just seemed more distance. I did talk to another guy friend for a bit and he watched me the entire time from across the room. I dunno if he's just going through stuff and he'll be back normal, but I'm just trying to rack my brain if I did anything wrong. Sorry if I sound super ignorant, I'm just trying to figure out if I screwed up or if I'm friend zoned. I just wanna know what's going through his head!
Am I friend zoned or not?
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