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Friend with benefit vs. more than that?

There is a guy we've been texting back and forth throughout the day for half a year now. We text about our daily life, and always know what each other is up to. We meet now and then spontaneously, for a meal or sometimes friends with benefits when we feel like it.

I told him my feelings towards him 2 months ago, he told me he feel confused but (somehow) he wasn't willing to commit, it was too soon to date for him.

However, he's been showing mixed signals lately. One day we were talking about football, since he is a huge fan of it. I told him I am not familiar with football at all and stuff. He suddenly told me, he doesn't expect his girlfriend need to be a fan of football just because he is. (that was kinda a sign I feel he was interested). Over the time, he would tell me he cares about me, and the way he takes care of me won't do it to everyone. One day, he mentioned he cancelled a date with a girl at the last minute, but he would never do that to me. Mentioning that he was too lazy to date, not in the mood. Another day, he told me he was going out with a girl friend (not a date) and wanted to know if I would be jealous or not...

He told me we are mature enough, beyond playing the game. If I feel jealous then we should talk about it and see what to do will be the best for us in the case. I really don't know if I am just a good friend for him, or any chance to be more than that...
Friend with benefit vs. more than that?
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