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Is there a chance to cheat if your heavily drunk?

My boyfriend brought up the topic of cheating while drunk. He said some people that are really drunk can end up cheating because their so high. He said there is a chance it could happen to me and him even if we were really drunk. I am disgusted by his thinking as I believe even if I was sooooo drunk he would always be on my mind and I couldn’t let another guy near me and end up cheating. He said that when your that drunk you may not even know what’s going on. I asked him what he would do in that situation (being really drunk) and he said I don’t know how that feels I’ve never been in that situation before it’s like you asking me what it feels to give birth. And I went crazy as it’s as if he is saying to me if he was really drunk there is a chance something could happen with another girl. He is saying he is only saying there could be a chance if we were completely out of it and not if we knew what we were doing. The fight is not stopping and he keeps saying the same thing but I disagree and feel like it’s a choice!! Anyone have any thoughts on this and advice how I can come to terms with what he is saying because it sounds like total bullshit to be able to tell your girl this.
Is there a chance to cheat if your heavily drunk?
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