I'm using OkCupid for the very first time.

I'm using OkCupid for the very first time...and half of these girls in my area are around ages 21-25

BUT their profile says looking for men ages 18-25?

I'm 18, and would the girl I'm talking to age 23 feel weird or awkward I'm younger?

I've sent like 6 girls messages (ones I really liked) and so far no replies yet..

i mean what could I be doing wrong? if you must I will link my okcupid profile

and you peeps could tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?


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  • The think about this website, is the way that you message them... would you show one example?

    link your profile, so I can check this too...

    ABOUT THE AGE RANGE, is so stupid... don't get stucked on this, one of my BEST relationship was with a way younger guy, now he is 21 and I am 27, do the math... we're still really good friends (with NO BENEFITS) since I don't believe in this kind of friendship... he lives overseas, what make our friendship better, cause we aren't often "reachable", but I'm pretty sure that we would be still together if in the same continent. Isn't your AGE that we see, we see what'sgoing on in your brain...

    • well it says I can't post links...so ill just tell you my username


    • well I've sent you a message about your profile

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  • 18 is kind of young for a 23 year old girl. Keep in mind 23 year old women are post college more likely and are looking for maturity in men. I'm sure even at 18 you are mature but 18 is still young in mind set. I would only message girls if your looking for a success rate...between 17-20.


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  • You seem pretty lumbering and immature mate. Might work on a 17 year old girl, not a 23 year old. Your greatest achievement that you proclaim to the world seems to be that you do weed! Also don't give too much away, (about previous relationships) women like mystery, and that sort of bollocks.

    • thnx, I just took that part out.

      i just enjoy a blunt every now and than 1-2 days

    • I really think you should revise all of it. The jackass thing again, how is that going to impress a woman? Look at how some other guys do their profiles, not to copy, just to see what may work. Think how you can get across your nice qualities, without being too try hard and remaining yourself. Do you have any hobbies or interests that are more 'weighty'?