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Why dont girls like me?

Its a reaaaaally stupid question as this goes down to preference BUT, Im not ugly, Im not beautiful, Im average, 6 feet tall, slim, not too skinny, certainly not fat. Im 25 years old, never had sex. See, the thing is, I got to talk to a lot of girls but ANONYMOUSLY and 7 out of 10 times we would really get along. When they found out who I was they would immediately shut me down, never to hear from them again. I honestly thought personality and communication skills are 80 percent of the package. Moreover, at school/college, I have quite a few girl friends and we get along really nice, yet whenever I make sexual advances they laugh it off, taking it as a joke, nothing more. The only problem I see is if Im not man enough for them since I dont drive a car, dont have big muscles, no beard and I dont look aggressive or manly either. PS: I dont even know what the final question should be, this post is more of a frustration I guess, lol, just a way to cool off a little bit I guess, sorry.
Why dont girls like me?
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