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Should I tell her?

there's this girl and she’s 19 and I’m 25 and she is incredible. She’s so funny and actually makes me cry laughing, she’s intelligent, she’s sweet, she’s absolutely stunning and she can make a banging spaghetti, my favourite food. However, of course she has a boyfriend. She’s one of my best friends and has become part of my friendship group. The guys and I were talking yesterday and she came bouncing over to us with a beaming smile and when I asked what? She said “guess who just lost her virginity” we were all shocked she was even a virgin but that’s besides the point and the guys seemed happy for her (the girls weren’t there but I’m guessing she told them too) she said “I was waiting to lose it to someone I actually loved” and that just made my heart feel shattered. Should I tell her how I feel? Or leave her be with her boyfriend?
Should I tell her?
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