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Ladies please help: Does she like me?

When she sees me, she always smiles at me and always laughs at my jokes. When she passes me in the hallway she keeps her eyes to the side but when we talk with her she makes super long eye contact where mostly i break it first after like 8 seconds lol. She has a habit of teasing me often (i tease back) and I noticed she eavesdrops on conversations i have with other female co-workers and then teases me about it. One other thing I noticed is that she can get super nervous around me. For example, she would try to say thank you but either stutters or mispronounces it or she fidgets around me often.

I really want to open up and talk more about with her about her outside life but I don't know how.. we always end up talking about work..

What should i do? Does she like me?
Ladies please help: Does she like me?
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