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Advice please on two guys?

There are two guys I have some interest in.
One is long distance who I have not met in person. I met him on a forum, so while I haven't met him in person I have some insight to his personality by what he has written. We message on our phones occasionally. He probably isn't interested in me in a special way, and besides, it's long distance and for some people that's a deal-breaker. He might be coming to my area in the future.
The other guy, I haven't met either. We have been in contact on and off for a long time. He is long distance but WAY closer. He basically asked me to be his girlfriend, but I declined. I liked guy number one. And I don't see this second guy as being anything serious. I am going to his city in a few months so I could meet him.
So, the question is. Do I just forget about the first guy, even though I have deeper interest in him, and just give the second guy a try as it were?
Advice please on two guys?
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